Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar

Published by: FCI
Developed by: Strategic Simulations
Genre: RPG
Released: 1993

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar (NES)

Hillsfar is a role playing game released for the NES based on the Dungeons and Dragons universe and rules. The game is a port of the original PC game of the same name which is a sequel to Pool of Radiance (also available on NES) and the PC only Curse of the Azure Bonds, although the plots are not related the games simply take place in the same universe.

The game allows the player to create a character or begin with a pre-made character. Character classes include cleric, fighter, mage, or thief. Races include human, elf, dwarf, and gnome. The player can also choose their alignment and roll randomly generated stats.

The game takes place in and around the town of Hilsfar, the player can explore the town and the surrounding area in order to complete objectives necessary to complete the game. Objectives can be found by talking to characters through the game and the must be completed in order. The game allows for free-roaming. At any time the player can explore the town, or ride their horse to any locations on the map screen entering dungeons and other areas. 

Exploring areas has the game change to a top down view where the player can explore the area. In certain areas such as houses in the town, a timer counts down giving the player limited time to search and escape the premises before being caught. If caught the player will be taken to the arena to do battle. Arena battles play out in real time and allow the player to block or attack their opponents.

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