Action 52

Published by: Active Enterprises
Developed by: Active Enterprises
Genre: Complation
Released: 1991

Action 52 (NES)

Action 52 was released in 1991 for the NES. It was developed and published by Active Enterprises and retailed for $200. The reason the game cost so much was that the Action 52 was a single cartridge that contained 52 games on it. The title is known for its terrible games, many glitches, and rarity.

Nearly every genre is covered in the collection though the most prominent are shooters and platform games. All games are single player except for one fighting game. 

The games include: Fire Breathers, Star Evil, Illuminator, G-Force Fighters, Ooze, Silver Sword, Critical Bypass, Jupiter Scope, Alfredo, Operation Full-Moon, Dam Busters, Thrusters, Haunted Halls of Wentworth, Chill Out, Sharks, Megalonia, French Baker, Atmos Quake, Meong, Space Dreams, Streemerz, Spread-Fire, Bubblegum Rosie, Micro-Mike, Underground, Rocket Jockey, Non Human, Cry Baby, Slashers, Crazy Shuffle, Fuzz Power, Shooting Gallery, Lollipops, Evil Empire, Sombreros, Storm Over the Desert, Mash Man, They Came, Lazer League, Billy-Bob, City of Doom, Bits and Pieces, Beeps and Blips, Manchester Beat, The Boss, Dedant, Hambo's Adventures, Time Warp Tickers, Jigsaw, Ninja Assault, Robbie and the Robots, Action Gamemaster Starring The Cheetahmen

The Cheetahmen was the featured game on the cartridge and before the game was heavily criticized there were plans to build a brand out of the characters. Action 52 shipped with a Cheetahmen comic book that introduced the 3 characters and their enemies. The game was the least buggy of all the games on the cartridge.

Action 52 was also ported to the Sega Genesis; plans of an SNES release were canceled.

Cheetahmen  2 was a completed follow-up to the Cheetahmen game included in Action 52 but was never officially released at retail. However a shipment containing 1,500 copies of the title was later found and sold.

RGG Says: A collection of 52 terrible games made more noteworthy by it's legacy and rarity.

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