A Boy and His Blob

Published by: Absolute Entertainment
Developed by: Absolute Entertainment
Genre: Adventure
Released: 1990

A Boy and His Blob (NES)

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia is an NES video game designed by David Crane and Garry Kitchen. It was developed by Imagineering and published by Absolute Entertainment. 
The game stars a young boy who teams up with a blob (named Blobert) from outer space that has come looking for help to save his home world from the evil emperor.
The game is a platforming puzzle game which requires the boy to feed different colored jelly beans to the blob in order to change it into different things that can help the boy complete an area.
In the game, the boy and Blobert must explore the subways and caves beneath the Earth in order gather the items necessary for the trip to Blobolonia. 
The player can not jump, only move and fall from ledges. The blob must be used to traverse the platforms in areas. Obstacles include pools of water, falling rocks, stalactites, and stalagmites, and snakes.
Additional items can be found throughout the game world that will increase the player's score and can be traded for vitamins at the drug store. Vitamins can be used to power the VitaBlaster on Blobolonia which can be used to complete certain tasks. The player can also find peppermints which increase the number of lives the player has.
Colored jelly beans and transformations include: 
- Licorice which transforms the blob into a ladder that can be climbed.
- Strawberry which transforms the blob into a bridge that can crossed.
- Coconut which allows the blob to move further down the level so the player can see what's coming up.
- Cola which transforms the blob into a bubble that the boy can use to swim underwater. 
- Cinnamon which changes the blob into a blow torch so it can burn spider webs. 
- Apple that turns the blob into a jack that lifts objects. 
- Lime which turns blob into a key that opens doors.
- Vanilla changes the blob into an umbrella that blocks falling objects and can help the boy survive a fall.
- Tangerine which changes the blob into a trampoline that can jumped on to reach higher platforms. 
- Root beer changes the blob into a rocket that travels to Blobolonia. 
- Honey changes the blob to a hummingbird so that it will fly up to the boy.
- Ketchup makes the blob appear if he's somewhere else. 
- Punch turns the blob into a hole that the boy can fall through. 
- Orange changes the blob into the vita blaster which can shoot vitamins.
The game was followed by a sequel on the Game Boy titled The Rescue of Princess Blobette. Two additional handheld games in the franchise were canned and the series eventually returned on Wii in a re-imagining of Trouble on Blobolonia developed by WayForward Technologies in 2009. The original NES game is available on Wii Virtual Console as well.

RGG Says: Cool adventure game, but you'd better have the instruction manual handy if you wanna get anywhere.

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D-Pad Left and Right:
Move character.

D-Pad Up and Down:
Change hieght on trampoline. Aim blaster up.

Call the Blob, change him back into the blob.

Throw jellybean.

Switch jellybeans.

SELECT + Down:
Switch jellybeans in the reverse order.

Pause the game.