8 Eyes

Published by: Taxan
Developed by: Thinking Rabbit
Genre: Action
Released: 1990

8 Eyes (NES)

8 Eyes is an action game similar to Castlevania. It was developed by Thinking Rabbit and released in North America by Taxan in 1990.
The game features Orin and his falcon Cutrus, as they try to retrieve 8 magical gems that have appeared in the wake of nuclear devastation. Each of the gems has been claimed by an evil lord, and Orin must enter their castles to retrieve them.
The player can switch control between Orin and Cutrus at any time. In two player mode each player controls one of the characters.
The order in which each stage is played is up to the player. Defeating each boss gives Orin a new sword, and each boss is weak to a certain sword which gives the game a Megaman-like progression. 
Once the last castle is completed the final task is a puzzle in which the gems must be placed in a certain order. There are hints throughout the game that the player has to remember in order to win. 

RGG Says: Mediocre action platformer inspired by Castlevania with varied stages.

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D-Pad Left and Right:
Move left and right.

D-Pad Up:
Climb stairs. Enter doorways.

D-Pad Down:
Duck. Descend stairs.



Switch sub-weapon.

Pause game.

D-Pad Up + A:
Use sub-weapon.

D-Pad Up + B:
Control Cutrus.

D-Pad Down + B:
Cutrus attack.

Note: Cutrus can also be controlled with Player 2's controller.