720 Degrees

Published by: Mindscape
Developed by: Mindscape
Genre: Sports
Released: 1989

720 Degrees (NES)

720 Degrees is a skateboarding video game developed by Atari and ported to the NES. The game is considered the inspiration for the Skate or Die NES game. 
The game features a skate park as a hub world filled with ramps and obstacles. Performing tricks in the city earns you points which allow you to buy tickets into nearby skate areas. The goal of the game is to complete 4 challenges in each of the 4 parks. 
If you take too long earning points in the city, the game will display a Skate or Die warning and a swarm of bees will descend upon the skater. Entering a skate park is the only escape.
Each skate park has  four events. The half pipe event drops the player into a ramp and has them preform tricks and get big air to score points. The downhill event has the player racing down a sloped  area full of hazards. The slalom event is an obstacle course where the player must pass through sets of flags on their way through. The jump event has the player try to hit a mark by launching off a huge ramp. Performance in each event can earn bronze, silver, or gold medals as well as cash prizes.
The cash can be used to upgrade your equipment which increases your skater's stats and make it easier to complete events.
Once all four events in a park are complete the player moves onto the next skate park.

RGG Says: Decent skateboarding competitions with 4 events and character upgrades.

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Move skater.


Spin during the Ramp events.

Select options from main menu.

Pause game. Select from main menu.