Published by: Parker Brothers
Developed by: Parker Brothers
Genre: Maze
Released: 1980

Tutankham (Intel)

Tutankham is the port of the maze arcade game by Konami. The game was designed by H. Tanigaki and was originally titled Tutankhamen, but the name was shortened since it could not fit on the arcade cabinet.

In this game, the player controls an explorer searching Tutankhamun's tomb for his treasure. The player must explore the maze by finding keys to open doors and move deeper into the maze. The player may collect treasure scattered throughout the maze for points. The goal of each stage is to reach the exit.

The maze is filled with enemies including wasps, vultures, parrots, bats, dragons and curses that kill the player on contact. The player is equipped with a gun and can fire left and right, but not up or down.

Each level contains a time limit which relates to bonus points when the player completes a stage. Instead of costing the player a life, the player loses the ability to fire their weapon when the timer reaches zero. 

The player can also use a single flash bomb per life, which will destroy all the enemies on screen. 

The game features 4 tombs.

The original arcade game is included as Horror Maze on Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits for the Nintendo DS and is available in Microsoft's Game Room Service.

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