Published by: Sega
Developed by: Discovery Software
Genre: Puzzle
Released: 1989

Zoom! (Genesis)

Zoom! is a puzzle game originally released on the PC in 1988. The games features a 2 player simultaneous mode.

Zoom! is a maze traversing title similar to Q*bert in which the player controls a character named Zoomer who moves around a 3d board attempting to fill in the squares that make up the board. The player can move along the lines on the board, traversing the 4 lines that make up a square fill in that square. When all squares on a board are filled in, the player moves to the next level.

Each stage contains various monsters which try to capture Zoomer, or erase the lines that have already been filled in. Zoomer has an attack which can knock back the monsters.

There are also several power-ups in the game which can slow down monsters, make Zoomer temporarily invincible, or skip the current level. There are also point increase power-ups.

The game features 6 stages each containing 6 levels.

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