Prince of Persia

Published by: Domark
Developed by: Broderbund
Genre: Adventure
Released: 1993

Prince of Persia (Genesis)

Prince of Persia is the classic 2D platformer, which was created by Jordan Mechner for the Apple 2. Its success caused it to be ported to several consoles for years after its original release.
The game was successful because of its breakthroughs in animation. The game used a simple, but at the time unheard of, method called rotoscoping to capture silhouettes of human actors and use those to create incredibly fluid character animations. The game was also known for its inventive platforming gameplay which was mimicked by later games like Tomb Raider, and many other 3D platformers.
The game stars a young unnamed hero who falls in love with the Princess of Persia, only to be imprisoned by the Vizier, Jafar, while the sultan is away. Jafar gives the princess an hour to choose to marry him.
The hour becomes the time limit the prince has in which to escape from the dungeons and travel through the castle to defeat Jafar. The game features 13 levels.
The prince originally finds a sword that he can use to attack enemies; other power-ups include potions that heal and hurt the prince, as well as a potion that will permanently increase the player’s health bar.
The Genesis game features enhanced graphics and soundtrack, but lacks several new levels from the Mega Drive version that was released in Japan.
Prince of Persia spawned quite a few sequels, a graphic novel, and a motion picture. The next game in the series is Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame, which was released for SNES, and Prince of Persia 3D, which was released for Dreamcast. This game was also remade for XBLA and PSN with updated 3D graphics, but maintains the same gameplay and level design.

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