Davis Cup Tennis

Published by: Tengen
Developed by: Loricel
Genre: Sports
Released: August 15 1993

Davis Cup Tennis (Genesis)

Davis Cup Tennis is a tennis game developed by Loriciels. The game is an update to the original Davis Cup Tennis by the same developer released in 1991 on the TurboGrafx-16.

Davis Cup Tennis uses famous players from the late 80's and early 90's along with an original cast of characters. The game allows for multiplayer matches as well.

The game uses many factors to accurately recreate the sport including how court surfaces affect the ball. The simple one button control scheme allows players to easily control the impact and angle the ball is hit at for a variety of hits.

Game modes include practice, exhibition matches, tournaments, the Davis Cup, and World Tour. The World Tour mode allows the player to choose from a number of facilities on a map which include training and tournaments where they can receive prize money and attempt to win the Davis Cup.

The game uses a password feature to keep track of progress in the World Training mode.

The game allows the player to create their own tennis player by selecting their nationality and playing through the world tour mode.

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