Published by: Accolade
Developed by: PF Magic
Genre: Fighting
Released: 1994

Ballz (Genesis)

Ballz is a 3d fighter which was known for its unique aesthetic designing characters out of orbs.

The game opens with the statement "To be the champion, you gotta have Ballz!".

Ballz features a one player arcade style mode and a two player versus mode.

Playable characters include:
- Boomer the circus clown.
- Bruiser the bodybuilder.
- Crusher the rhinoceros.
- Divine the ballerina.
- Kronk the caveman.
- Tsunami the sumo wrestler.
- Turbo the superhero.
- Yoko the monkey.

During the single player mode the player goes through 21 fights of increasing difficulty with bosses throughout. Defeating a boss earns the player a belt which changes their character's color.

Each boss defeated earns a different colored belt, and these change the fighter's coloring scheme.

Bosses include:
- Guggler the ostrich who provides the red belt.
- Bounder the kangaroo who provides the green belt.
- T-Wrecks the dinosaur who provides the blue belt.
- Lamprey the genie who provides the black belt.
- The Jester who is the final boss.

Completing single player mode allows the player to play as any of the bosses.

A director's cut version of the game was released for the 3D0.

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