Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II

Published by: Sega
Developed by: Sega
Genre: Racing
Released: 1992

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (Genesis)

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II is an arcade-style Formula One racing video game for the Genesis. It is the follow up to the Genesis title, Super Monaco GP, but now has Ayrton Senna's endorsement. Senna is the featured racer in the title, and helped during development by providing insight and advice about the tracks featured in the game. The marketing touted the games physics, saying they were the most realistic at the time, though the claim was disputed. 

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II features several modes including Senna GP, World Championship, Beginner/Master mode and Free practice. Cars available in each mode consist of automatic, 4 speed manual, or 7 speed manual gearbox options.

Senna GP is a single race event similar to the original title's single player mode, and features Senna's own farm circuit in Tatuí, São Paulo, as well as two other fictitious tracks designed by Senna. The race begins with a timed lap to determine placement on the starting grid, followed by a race against other drivers.

In World Championship mode, the player competes against 15 other drivers on the tracks which made up the 1991 Formula One season calendar.

Beginner Mode allows the player to enter their name and nationality and allows the player to perform as many practice laps as necessary before competing in the race. An extension of this mode is Master mode, in which the player can select a rival for each race. If the player beats the same rival several times consecutively, the player assumes the rival's seat with their constructor, and the rival is relegated to the player's former constructor. This is a unique feature in this game. 

The free practice mode allows the player to practice any track with a number of set options. A special feature in this mode is that the player can choose the motorbike from Super Hang-On.

Super Monaco GP II's World Championship mode followed the real-life schedule of the 1991 Championship. The tracks are very close to their actual configurations and contain the scenery specific to the course’s nationality. For the first time, rain was a possibility when driving in Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Japan or Australia.

Tracks include:
- United States - Phoenix, USA
- Brazil - Interlagos, Brazil
- San Marino - Imola, San Marino
- Monaco - Monaco
- Canada - Montréal, Canada
- Mexico - Mexico City, Mexico
- France - Magny-Cours, France
- United Kingdom - Silverstone, Great Britain
- Germany - Hockenheim, Germany
- Hungary - Hungaroring, Hungary
- Belgium - Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
- Italy - Monza, Italy
- Portugal - Estoril, Portugal
- Spain - Montmelo, Spain
- Japan - Suzuka, Japan
- Australia - Adelaide, Australia

The 16 teams in the game are based on teams that competed in the 1991 Formula One season but, aside from Senna, the names of the drivers are omitted due to licensing arrangements.

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Play by riding the Hang-On bike instead of an F1 car:
Select World Championship, New Game, Master Mode then enter the name "HANG-ON!" and select "Ed". During the screen with Ayrton Senna press Reset on the Genesis. At the main menu select Free Practice. Select a track. On the next screen press up or down, then hold Down and A when selecting Image Training for the Image Training/Free Run option, and press up or down and then hold Down and A when selecting Grid/Laps option.