Atomic Robo-Kid

Published by: Treco
Developed by: UPL
Genre: Shoot em up
Released: December 13 1990

Atomic Robo-Kid (Genesis)

Atomic Robo-Kid is the Genesis port of the horizontal shoot'em up arcade game designed by Tsutomu Fuzisawa.

In the 21st century, a blast of cosmic radiation bombarded Terra-12, a deep-space outpost of Earth, hideously mutating all transplanted life. A fleet of savage beings followed the radiation wave and invaded the planet, and began the systematic destruction of all remaining sentient life. Years of battling the alien 'governors' have gone by, and now only one hope survives to avenge the desperate terran colonists.

The game contains 6 stages, split into sections for a total of 18 short acts. At certain points in the game the player can choose their path, resulting in an alternate version of the next act.

The player can run along the ground or fly. While running, the player can shoot and jump and while flying, the jump button allows the player to swap weapons. 

Weapons include the original beam attack, a fire beam, 3 way missiles, spread, and rapid fire. Power-ups will provide the player with a shield or increase their movement speed. 

The player can also encounter a friendly dinosaur-looking robot that sells weapons and shields to Robo-kid, using extra lives as currency.

A notable feature of the game is the scale of the boss battles. There are 6 bosses in the game and they are notable for being as large as several screens. Once a boss is defeated, Robo Kid will face a rival that is his size in order to complete that stage.

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