Aquatic Games starring James Pond and The Aquabats

Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Millennium Interactive
Released: 1993

Aquatic Games starring James Pond and The Aquabats (Genesis)

The Aquatic Games is an Olympic style sports game by Millennium Software, starring James Pond in a series of aquatic themed events. The game was conceived as a parody of standard Olympic style games, and is considered a spin off from Millennium Software’s James Pond platforming series, following James Pond 1 and James Pond 3. The game was originally developed for the Amiga, and was the last game to run on the A500 chipset. The Aquatic Games is the Genesis port of that game; the same game was ported to SNES as Super Aquatic Games.

Modes include the three training modes and the main game modes. 

James Ponda's Workout, Tuffer Training, and Piranha Practice allow the player to train in the events. Each mode sets bronze, silver, or gold medals as the standard to aim for.

The Aquatic Games, Double Trouble, Triple Trouts, and A Fintastic Foursome are the main game modes. The only difference between the modes is the amount of players competin, which ranges from 1 to 4. 

Events include the 100m Splash, Kipper Watching, Hop, Skip and Jump, The Bouncy Castle, Feeding Time, Shell Shooting, Tour De Grass, and Leap Frog. Each event has different requirements for bronze, silver and gold medals. 

This game was followed up with the next game in the series: James Pond 3.

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