Alien Storm

Published by: Sega
Developed by: Sega
Genre: Beat em up
Released: 1991

Alien Storm (Genesis)

Alien Storm is a port of the Sega arcade beat'em/shooter for the Genesis.
In Alien Storm, aliens have invaded Earth and only the special forces team known as the Alien Busters can beat them back. The team consists of Karen, Gordon, and the robot Scooter.
The game features 2 player co-op play, in which each player can control one of the 3 characters. The original arcade version supported 3 character play.
There are 8 missions, an increase from the 6 in the arcade version. Each mission has a different objective and begins as a beat'em up game until the mid-point where it will shift to a run and gun, or a shooting gallery type game.
The run and gun type stages are similar to the main stages except that the players are armed with fast shooting guns instead of the usual melee attacks. The shooting galleries are a first person perspective view of an area where the player must shoot enemies who appear while the view moves back and forth.
The original arcade game featured one boss which contained 3 forms, but the Genesis version has broken those forms into separate boss fights. 
During the stages flying heads will also appear, which can be shot to collect life or energy. Energy is used to power the energy based attacks of the player's weapon (such as flames or electricity) and to use the powerful special weapons.
During the main portions of the game, the players can punch. Weapon based attacks are added to combos. The player can also use their special attacks, which consist of Gordon calling a U.S. Air Force starship that drops bombs across the street, Scooter teleporting away and leaving bombs, and Karen calling down a nuclear missile.
Alien Storm is available on Wii's Virtual Console and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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