Alien 3

Published by: Arena
Developed by: Probe Entertainment
Genre: Platformer
Released: 1992

Alien 3 (Genesis)

Alien 3 is a platform action game developed by Probe Entertainment and released for the Genesis by Arena. The game is quite similar in design to the 8bit NES version, rather than the SNES game.
The game is loosely based on the movie of the same name, although it features a score of Aliens as opposed to the single one in the film . It stars Ripley, the protagonist from the movie, as she tries to eliminate all the aliens from the complexes, while rescuing prisoners that have been trapped by the aliens. In order to do so, Ripley has a variety of weapons including a pulse rifle, flame thrower, grenade launcher, and hand grenades. She can also pick up additional ammunition, first aid kits, and a radar, which will lead her to trapped prisoners.
Enemies include small and large aliens, including huge boss creatures, as well as face huggers and alien pods.
Each level is a large complex filled with ladders, chutes, air ducts, and locked doors. Levels also have a specific time limit in which the player must rescue all the prisoners and escape the area.
The big difference from the NES version is that the game contains more levels and bosses. The levels themselves are also larger and include more prisoners to rescue. The game features 12 levels with a boss battle after every 2 levels.

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