After Burner II

Published by: Sega
Developed by: Dempa Shinbunsha
Genre: Flying
Released: 1990

After Burner II (Genesis)

After Burner 2 is the follow-up to the arcade classic aerial combat game which is available on Sega Master System and NES. This game was the 9th game designed by Yu Suzuki and was released in arcades the same year as the original. The game is more of an update to the original game than a full sequel; the changes to After Burner 2 are minor, and because of this, many fans have trouble distinguishing between the two. The biggest change between the arcade versions was that After Burner 2 was released with a large sit down cabinet which resembled the jet's cockpit and moved as the player controlled the jet in game.
The game was ported to many different computers and consoles, but the only notable release in North America was the Sega Genesis version.
Like the first game, players fly a F-14 Tomcat jet fighter in After Burner 2, equipped with guns and missiles in order to take down enemies while avoiding incoming fire.
The game features similar graphics and sound to the original game, as well as the same 18 stages. After Burner 2 also contains 3 new stages.
The biggest change to the game was the throttle mechanic which allowed the player to control the speed of the jet. This allowed some new gameplay mechanics, such as avoiding enemies which are attacking from behind.
The only other gameplay change was to allow the player to fire missiles more frequently than in the original game.
After Burner 2 is playable on the Xbox version of Shenmue 2.
It was followed up with After Burner 3 (Sega CD), and After Burner Climax (Arcade, PSN, Xbla) and the PSP game, After Burner: Black Falcon.

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