Adventures of Mighty Max

Published by: Ocean
Developed by: Ocean
Genre: Platformer
Released: 1994

Adventures of Mighty Max (Genesis)

The Adventures of Mighty Max is a Genesis platform game based on the Mighty Max cartoon series and toy line.
The game features Max, who travels around to different worlds using his magic cap. In this game, the evil SkullMaster has closed off all the portals that Max can travel though. Max must explore five worlds in order to re-open the portals and stop SkullMaster's plan to rule everything. The portals that remain open lead to worlds where SkullMaster keeps his weaponry. Max's goal is to collect all the weapons in a world and throw it into the portal before moving onto the next stage. The game features many familiar enemies from the show, as well as Max's friends, Felix & Bea and Norman & Vigil.
Max is equipped with a ping pong ball gun, which can temporarily stun enemies. He can also pick the enemies up and throw them while they are stunned.
Power-ups include a pill that restores life, a diamond which can give bonus points and extra lives, a bullhorn that calls Norman to follow you around and kill enemies with his sword, and a wishbone that calls Virgil to give you vague and unhelpful hints.
The game features 5 worlds including a Volcano, Space Station, Jungle, Desert and Ruins.
This game also features a 2 player split screen competitive mode where two players race to beat each level first.

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