Astro Chase

Published by: Parker Brothers
Developed by: First Star Software
Genre: Shoot'em up
Released: 1984

Astro Chase (5200)

Astro Chase is a shoot 'em up which was originally released for Atari computers by First Star Software in 1982.

In Astro Chase the player controls an space fighter who is defending Earth against invading aliens. 

The enemy ships constantly respawn and move towards the planet as do 16 Megamines which will destroy the planet on impact. 

The player can move and shoot in 8 directions by thrusting their ship in one direction and firing as it moves. 

The player can be destroyed by the incoming enemy ships, the goal is to destroy all of the Megamines before they reach the planet.  When all 16 mines are destroyed the player moves to the next level.

A animation of the player's astronaut getting a parade for his success is shown every 4 levels. 

The music in Astro Chase is an endless loop of the 1812 Overture.

The game was also licensed by to Exidy games who created an arcade version of the game.

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