Quest for Quintana Roo

Developed by: Sunrise
Genre: Adventure
Released: 1983

Quest for Quintana Roo (2600)

Quest for Quintana Roo is and adventure game developed by Sunrise. 

In Quest for Quintana Roo Yucatan Sam is in search of treasure in the temples of Quintana Roo. He must find keys to open the ceremonial vault in order to collect the treasure.

Sam must climb the temple to a entrance portal which takes him inside the temple. There the game shows a top down view of that floor of the temple where the player must search for items and treasure.

Each temple floor contains a 90 second time limit which is the amount of air Sam can safely breath while in the old ruins.

Enemies include snakes, and mummies. 

Items include map rocks (which are keys to the vault), herbs (which cure poison), and acid (which kills mummies).

After finding enough map rocks, the player can solve a puzzle in order to open the vault door.

The original Sunrise release of the game is considered rare, but the game was acquired by Telegames who later released a version of the game with the box/manual/labeled changed which is more common.

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