Published by: Parker Brothers
Developed by: Parker Brothers
Genre: Maze
Released: 1982

Amidar (2600)

Amidar is the 2600 port of the Amidar arcade game by Konami. The 2600 version of the title is the only official port. It was developed by Parker Brothers, and is a maze-style game similar to Pac-Man, in which the player moves around a maze while trying to make contact with every spot on the board. When each spot has been touched, the player moves onto the next stage.
The enemies function differently from other maze titles, though. They do not increase in speed, and are never faster than the player; rather, as the game progresses, more enemies are added to the stages to increase the difficulty.
The game and its name have their roots in the Japanese lot drawing game Amidakuji. The bonus level in Amidar is a nearly exact replication of an Amidakuji game and the ways the enemies move conform to the Amidakuji rules.
The game features two types of stages. Each odd numbered stage has the player controlling an ape called Copier, who must collect coconuts on the board while avoiding the police and thief characters. The even numbered stages have the player controlling a paint roller called Rustler, who must paint over each spot on the maze while avoiding his enemies, which are called Cattle and Thief. Each level is also followed by a bonus stage.
In the paint roller levels, the player cannot move too far from grid rectangles that have already been filled without running out of paint. When this happens, he needs to return to the completed parts of the map to refresh his paint supply. As a penalty, painted lines which are not part of a filled rectangle will vanish and must be painted again.
 When a player finishes a rectangular area, it is filled in to give it a different look. When all four corners are complete, the player gains the power to defeat the enemies for a short time period by running into them.
The player has a jump button that can be used 3 times per level, and that counter is reset when they lose a life. The jump button forces all enemies into the air for a short period of time, during which the player can move safely beneath them.
The enemies in Amidar move in "Amidar movement". Each normal-type enemy moves vertically from the top to the bottom of the screen, and then back to the top, and so on. While moving in a constant vertical direction, the enemy will take every horizontal turn available. Each level has one special enemy (the "Tracer") which starts by moving around the perimeter of the maze counter-clockwise and after several laps will directly pursue the player.
The 2600 version of this game is available on Xbox 360 Game Room.

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