Air-Sea Battle

Published by: Atari
Developed by: Atari
Genre: Action
Released: 1977

Air-Sea Battle (2600)

Air-Sea Battle (also known as Target Fun, if purchased from Sears) was one of the original launch titles for the 2600.

In each game, the player shoots targets in order to score more points than the competing player or the computer. Each round lasts 136 seconds, and scoring 99 points ends the round automatically. The player can control ships, planes, submarines, a gun, or an anti-aircraft gun.

The game features 6 different game modes including: Anti-aircraft, Torpedo, Shooting Gallery, Polaris, Bomber, and Polaris Vs Bomber. The game mode determines what that player is controlling, and what the targets are.

This game is also available on the Atari Anthology for PS2 and Xbox.

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