Air Raiders

Published by: Mattel
Developed by: M-Network
Genre: Action
Released: 1982

Air Raiders (2600)

Air Raiders is an action game for the Atari 2600. This game is a first person air combat game, in which the player can see the ground, air and enemy ships from the cockpit of their aircraft.
The player can change the pitch and rotation of their plane and shoot at enemies with a machine gun once the enemies are in the player's crosshairs.
Enemies will shoot at the player from the ground. A black bar at the bottom of the screen shows the plane’s location. The red section of the bar indicates areas in which the ground enemies can attack you, if you are within those boundaries.  Getting hit will reduce your plane’s altitude until you crash. Hitting the ground is the only way to lose a life.
The plane has limited fuel and ammo; the player must move closer to the ground until the runway can be seen to land, which will replenish some ammo and fuel.

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