Published by: Atari
Developed by: Atari
Genre: Adventure
Released: 1979

Adventure (2600)

Adventure for the 2600 was the first action RPG game released for any consoles. This game features an open world which can be explored by the player. The goal is to collect the right items in order to advance. This game is considered to have inspired games like Haunted House and The Legend of Zelda. It is also the precursor to the Swordquest series of games for the 2600.

This game was created by Warren Robinett whose goal, despite early criticism, was to translate the text-adventure genre into a graphical game.

The goal of Adventure is to find the enchanted chalice and return it to the gold castle. The player explores various maze-like locations in order to find the items necessary to proceed. These items include a series of keys that are used to unlock the corresponding castles, a sword used to kill enemies, a magnet to grab items from further away, and a magical bridge. 

Enemies include 3 dragons, which will try to swallow the player, but can be killed with a sword, as well as bats that can snatch up a number of things, including items, dragons, and the player.

Adventure features 3 difficulty settings. Game mode 1 (easy) removes the bat, red dragon, and several areas from the game, while Game Mode 3 (hard) randomizes the items so that the player can't play from memory.

The game also features a rudimentary continue system where hitting reset when defeated will take the player back to the starting point, but all the tasks they've accomplished will remain in place.

Because of limitations in the hardware, the two halves of the screen are usually mirrored versions of each other. This leads to some confusing mazes and a very symmetrical appearance for the more complex areas of the game. 

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