Operation Every Game


Welcome to Operation Everygame, RetroGameGuide's experiment to see how much it would take for a modern day collector to get every game for various consoles.

Follow our hunter on their long journey to complete their collection.

A couple of ground rules worth stating:

  • Logistics will play a big role in this. Our hunter is located in Toronto, Canada. While it's the biggest city in Canada, the market there may not be comparable to the US, and games may sell for more or less.
  • We're not starting from zero. We already have a sizeable collection of games, including rare titles. The current collection will be stated and shown at the beginning of each adventure log. We'll keep our eye out for these games on our travels and make note of the cheapest prices we find. Near the completion of a collection, we'll use the lowest price we've seen a game sold for to calculate what we could have gotten it for.
  • As much as we'd love to have a full collection after this, it's unlikely. There are a couple of obvious titles that will be impossible to find or unreasonable to purchase. The goal here is to get as close to 100% as possible. We'll state the values of the games we aren’t able to obtain, for those who are curious.
  • Boxed/Complete games are obviously becoming rarer and more expensive. For the final tally, we're keeping the value of games to the ‘cartridge only’ prices. If we do get a good deal on a complete game, we'll record the price in a way that best represents what the cart alone would have costed.

Adventure Logs

Operation Every Game: NESCurrent Stats
Games: 715/778
Cost: $11,089.50
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Operation Every Game: Nintendo PowerCurrent Stats
Issues: 165/285
Cost: $646
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Operation Every Game: SMSCurrent Stats
Cost: $474
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