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Cost: $474

Log Entry 6: Milton and Kijiji Lot - Dec 30, 2012

Closed off the year with 2 updaates finds first was a Kijiji seller Nolan, who I got 3 lots from. These included a TurboGrafx-16 lot, 2600 lot, and of course Master System lot.

These games included: Bomber Raid ($3), Teddy Boy Sega Card ($3), and TransBot Sega Card ($3).

In the same week I visitng Toyratt games in Milton where I picked up the following Master System titles as well: After Burner ($5), Altered Beast ($8), Ariel Assault ($8), Captain Silver ($8), Casino Games ($5), Great Ice Hockey ($5), Joe Montana Football ($10), Ninja ($10), Rambo 3 ($5), Shooting Gallery ($5), Super Tennis ($5), and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego ($5).

Stats Increased!
Games: +15
Cost: +$88

To Be Continued...

Log Entry 5: November Store Buys - Nov 23, 2012

While visiting Peterborough, I stopped by Chumleighs and picked up Double Dragon and Rampage for $5 each.

On the way back from Peterborough, I stopped off at the Pickering Flea Market where I picked up the following titles: Kenseiden ($5), R-Type ($10), and Rastan ($10), and Slap Shot ($5).

Later in the week I stopped in a couple Toronto stores.

At Game Centre I grabbed the following: Alex Kidd in Miracle World ($10), Choplifter ($3), My Hero ($10), Outrun ($5), Quartet ($3), Space Harrier ($5), and Thunder Blade ($5).

I had also picked up a Great Golf at Game Center last week for $2.

At A&C Games I grabbed Parlour Games ($7), and Kung Fu Kid ($10).

Stats Increased!
Games: +16
Cost: +$100

Log Entry 4: October Store Buys - Oct 20, 2012

Picked up a bunch of games this week from stores.

Starting with my US trip, I grabbed the following games from Game Craze in Buffalo:

Aztec Adventure ($3), Black Belt ($2), F-16 Fighting Falcon SegaCard ($3), Gangster Town ($4), Maze Hunter 3-D ($5), Monopoly ($3), Shanghai ($2), and Strider ($10)

Back in Toronto, at A&C Games I grabbed: Great Baseball ($3), Great Basketball ($3), Great Football ($3), Great Volleyball ($3), Pro Wrestling ($3), Rocky ($7), and Sports Pad Football ($3)

Stats Increased!
Games: +15
Cost: +$57

Log Entry 3: Toyratt Milton - Sept 15, 2012

Another store I came across while hunting for games for the NES log. I found an add for this store out in Milton on Kijiji and checked it out. They have a great selection of games for good prices. I picked up the following.

Action Fighter ($5), Galaxy Force ($5), Lord of the Sword ($10), Miracle Warriors ($5), Penguin Land ($5), Space Harrier 3D ($5), Zaxxon 3D ($5)

Stats Increased!
Games: +7
Cost: +$40

Log Entry 2: Kijiji Meeting - Aug 18, 2012

I met with a Kijiji contact, Charly, who I found when looking for NES titles and also picked up a ton of Genesis games from. I picked up the following games from him: Alex Kidd in High Tech World ($5), Cloud Master ($3), Ghostbusters ($3), Golvellius ($3), World Grand Prix ($3).

Log Entry 1: Current Collection - Aug 10, 2012

Because the system wasn't nearly as popular as the NES, Master System titles aren't easy to find. That doesn't mean they're rarer or more expensive, it's just that less shops carry them. There are many less titles for the Master System than the NES, and way fewer ultra rare/expensive titles which makes it an ideal console to try and complete.

I started off with the following titles: California Games (Blue Label) ($6), Cyborg Hunter ($10), Enduro Racer (Blue Label) ($5), Global Defense ($4), Golden Axe Warrior ($20), King's Quest ($10), Phantasy Star ($30), Rescue Mission ($5), Shinobi ($7), Vigilante ($5), Wonder Boy ($5), Wonder Boy in Monster Land ($10), Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap ($10), Zillon II ($7).

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